Harley, Like a Person

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"Cat Bauer perfectly captures the substance and rhythms of teenage emotional life -- the heartache of a fight with a friend, the thrill of a new love, the frustration with adult interference, and the desperate need for self-knowledge. Good to the last drop."
---Janet Fitch, author of WHITE OLEANDER

"One the few real women/girls that I've seen. [Harley's] a real person."
---Walter Dean Myers, author of MONSTER, winner of Michael L. Printz Award

"Readers will be rooting for this sympathetic heroine."
---Publishers Weekly

"Cat Bauer's first novel offers a compelling read and a close-up look at adolescent emotional life, sure to appeal to readers grappling with their own."
---Horn Book

 "...a well-felt story with real appeal to Harley's peers."
---School Library Journal

"Bauer has created a vivid portrait of a teenage girl whose life is fraught with well-meaning deception; young-adult readers will sympathize with Harley's struggle. Recommended."
---Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

 "This book is not only a good read, but a great discussion book as well."
---The Children's Book Review Service

 "In a never-faltering voice, fourteen-year-old Harley Columba relates the events of her freshman year, including family secrets and the realities of being an artistic girl in a dysfunctional suburban family...This novel is a solid and enticing read."

"Because of the marvelously authentic-sounding first-person narrative, readers will love Harley and admire her gritty search for answers, worry over her wild behavior, and be happy at the resolution of this story."

"Harley is at once brash and withdrawn, cocky and insecure, brave and fearful. Most of all, she is a living, breathing character who sets to work to solve her own problems."
---Voices from the Middle, National Coucil of Teachers of English

 "Like a Judy Blume for the new millenium, Cat Bauer perfectly captures the trauma of being a teenage girl in her debut novel..."
---New Words Bookstore

"HARLEY, LIKE A PERSON probably conveys as much wisdom about how to deal with teen life as any well-intentioned self-help book. It's a good read, too."
---Christian Perring, Ph.D. for Metapsychology

"Cat Bauer's powerful first novel of a defiant adolescent girl's search for identity, both creative and personal, will ring true for teenagers everywhere. She hits on all the hot topics: identity, family relationships, drug and alcohol abuse, school achievement, domestic and emotional violence, friendship, sex, and love."
---Emilie Coulter for Amazon.com

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